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M^2 Studio Is a design space that practices in architecture, interior design and product design

based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Our studio specializes in multiple scale projects such as hotels, offices, private houses and apartments.

The contextual approach of the studio is to produce unique experience caused by characteristics that guide us in every project.

The environment surrounding us is a decisive factor in project planning, it shapes the project's character, spaces and materials.

When we analyze the environment and know how to work with it, we maximize the natural resources available to us such as sun, shade, wind and air circulation.

Proper use of resources will reduce energy consumption, save resources and money, and leave the world cleaner.

We strive to create as little waste as possible, recycle what can be recycled, and minimize the use of harmful materials.

Our design process always begins with research. The history of the place is something we don't want to overlook. Innovation leads us, but we don't forget the past, everything is layered and centred on one story.

Art is an integral part of our design, and we consider it from the beginning of the planning. Art is a part of the story layers and represents the project's identity.

We believe that a successful project planning includes attention to even the smallest details, both functionally and aesthetically.

We turn vision into reality through careful planning, attention to detail and execution, resulting in projects that meet the highest standards.

These characteristics allowing us to achieve a holistic design that communicate with the environment and the people in it.

Photography: Tammy Bar-Shay

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